Photography Mast

How to get good photos from above?….. Was the question.

The answer…… A photography mast. Unfortunately, It costs a fair few bob to buy one. So the obvious answer for me…. Make one!

Luckily, I know a bloke who knows a bloke who knows a bloke with welding equipment. So I took a load of old metal I had found down to his place and explained my situation.

He was more than accommodating and suggested that I didn’t watch him at work. Not because it was a secret, but because if you look at a welding torch being used it will burn out your retinas. I didn’t need to be told twice.

collage mast2

Once the tripod part was welded together, the rest of it was fairly simple. I added the relevant bolt to attach the plate to the top; and each extension pole slid down nicely over the one below, making the mast about five meters tall. I used a six meter USB extension cable to control the camera remotely from the computer. Which did indeed make for some interesting new angles to shoot from.

collage mast3

An example shot inside our apartment from up in the rafters.

IMG_0008 copy

One issue that I identified early on was how to manually control the up/down position of the camera while all the way up there?

The simple and obvious non technical answer…… A stick.



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